Bone grafting
Bone grafting
  • Do you need a bone graft?
  • Are the gums and bones around your teeth week?
  • What can be done to make it stronger?

Bone grafting is a minor surgical procedure performed using local anesthesia in a dental office. The cut is made on the gums (incision) to expose the bone, and the bone graft material is deposited in the deficient areas. The processed material will result in the deposition of new bone.

What are the uses of bone grafts?

  • It can save teeth that are weak and affected by periodontal disease. The bone around them can be regenerated using a bone graft and helps to maintain the teeth in its place.
  • Following tooth extractions, the bone graft material can be placed inside the socket should you wish to replace with a dental implant later on.
  • Dental implants which are the best in fixed prosthesis require good bone volume and density around them. A graft can be placed to regain the bone in that area where the dental implant can be successfully placed.

What is the bone graft material made of?

  • The graft can be procured from our own body.
  • It can be from a human or animal donor who has been treated in a laboratory to make it sterile and safe for human use.
  • It can be in the form of a powder, granules, putty or gel

What is the procedure for placing a bone graft?

  • Make an incision on the gum under local anesthesia
  • In the exposed bone, place the bone graft material along with a collagen membrane to aid in the regeneration of bone
  • Close the area using sutures
  • Mild soreness can be expected, and that can be treated using anti-inflammatory drugs

If you fall under any of the categories to get a bone graft, please visit Dr. Patel at Prosmile Family Dental Clinic.