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    Modesto Invisalign Dentist

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    Invisalign is an invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Discover more about Invisalign below...

    The Benefits of Invisalign

    • Invisible: Invisalign trays are hardly noticeable when you are wearing them.
    • Removable: You can take them out to eat, drink, and clean your teeth.
    • Effective: Invisalign is the original clear aligner company with over two decades of research behind it.
    • Comfortable: The trays have no sharp edges to irritate your cheeks or lips.
    • Customized: We customize your treatment to achieve your smile goals.
    Modesto Invisalign Dentist

    How Invisalign Works

    • Custom Impressions or a Digital Scan are taken of your teeth and sent to Invisalign.
    • We work with Invisalign to create a plan for straightening your teeth.
    • A series of invisible aligners are fabricated and sent to us.
    • At your initial visit we'll bond small attachments to your teeth to allow the aligners to work most effectively.
    • You start wearing the aligners, changing them weekly.
    • Each aligner gradually shifts your teeth into the correct position.

    Invisalign Can Treat A Wide Variety of Smile Issues...

    Modesto Invisalign Dentist
    Modesto Invisalign Dentist
    Modesto Invisalign Dentist

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      Modesto Invisalign Dentist

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