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Experienced Staff

Our dentists have 20+ years of experience. We offer comprehensive dental care and customized treatment plan that maximize your benefits.

Relaxing Environment

State of the art new office with TV in each room and soothing music to calm down the nerves.

Latest Technology

At ProSmile Modesto Family Care, we invest in latest technology. Digital x-rays, records, Smile design all use computer technology so we can provide the best care.

Flexible Schedule

Flexible schedule include late evening and weekend appointments to fit your busy schedule.

Dr Pushpinder Sethi


Pushpinder Sethi, DDS.

At ProSmile Dental in Modesto, California, Pushpinder Sethi, DDS and her team strive to provide the most cutting edge dental care while creating a caring and comfortable environment for their patients. Patient engagement and comfort are essential to Dr. Sethi, which drives her desire to actively listen to her patients. With her vast experience in all aspects of dentistry, she and her team are sure to meet your family’s dental needs in a relaxed, state-of-the-art environment.


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