Dental bridge treatment is needed when the tooth is missing. In the case of a missing tooth, side teeth can be drifted into the empty space. This misalignment of teeth can cause problems and also your jawbone can shrink and the appearance of lips and cheeks may be changed later. The dental bridge technique is very helpful in this kind of issue.
How dental bridge technique works
First, the natural existing teeth are used to hold the bridge. Dentists also make an image of your empty space & teeth and send them to the laboratory and then technicians make bridges on the basis of impressions provided by the dentist. The temporary bridge is first placed to protect your prepared teeth. When the permanent bridge is ready, your dentist adjusts, fits and then cement this bridge to the prepared teeth. The permanent bridge cannot be taken out without a dentist’s help.

Types of dental bridge

• Traditional dental bridge
It consists of false teeth that are held with the help of dental crowns. This dental bridge is considered the most popular. This is done when you have a natural tooth on both sides of the gap.

• Cantilever dental bridge
This bridge is done only at one abutment tooth. Here, you need only one natural; tooth next to the gap. The Pontic in this bridge is held by a dental crown.

• Implant-supported dental bridge
Here, the dental implant process is used. One implant is surgically placed for every missing tooth. These implants hold the bridge. In this, we don’t use crowns or frameworks to hold the bridge. In some cases, the bridge is suspended between two Implant-supported crowns. For more information regarding this, find dental implant treatment specialist Modesto near you.

• Maryland dental bridge
This dental bridge is used to employ two natural abutment teeth, one on each side of a gap. Here, instead of dental crowns, frameworks of metal or porcelain are used. Like a traditional bridge, here also a natural tooth should be placed on each side of the gap.

The above are the main types of dental bridges. For getting dental bridge treatment, contact ProSmile Family Dental professionals and here, Family dentist Modesto CA will treat you very effectively.