Dental Bridge Treatment for Missing Tooth

  • Have your tooth/teeth been missing for some time now?
  • Are there gaps visible gaps in the missing tooth area?
  • Have the remaining teeth shifted/rotated into the empty spaces causing a bad bite?
  • Do you have gum disorders or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) because of the missing tooth?
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Repair & Restoration

A bridge is recommended if you are missing one or more teeth. They are fixed prosthetic devices and can only be removed by a dentist. They are cemented onto the natural teeth or implants surrounding the empty space. Those teeth anchor the bridge and are known as abutments. Bridges can be made with a wide array of materials. The dentist helps you to decide based on the aesthetics, location of the missing tooth, cost, and functional ability.

How are the tooth bridges made?

  • Firstly, the anchoring teeth or abutments must be reduced in size as the bridge will fit over it properly.
  • A mold is prepared after the reduction of teeth, using which the dental lab makes your bridge.
  • The dentist gives specifications on the color as well as the material with which the tooth bridge has to be made by the lab.
  • The permanent is then cemented over the abutment teeth.

How long do the bridges last?

  • The bridges can last a lifetime but can sometimes get loose and fall out.
  • Proper oral hygiene steps like brushing and regular flossing is mandatory.
  • The bridge can become weak if the supporting teeth get affected by gum/dental disease, so keep your gums and teeth healthy
  • Visit the dentist for regular examination and professional cleaning.

Visit Dr. Pushpinder Sethi from Prosmile Family Dental Clinic and learn more about tooth bridges as they offer a variety of options.

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    Dr. Pushpinder Sethi, DDS.