Lists of professional teeth whitening procedures
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Lists of professional teeth whitening procedures

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure and many people prefer this treatment to achieve whiter teeth. This non-invasive dental procedure is performed in a dental office by professionals. A teeth whitening procedure uses various methods as shown below:
Common teeth whitening methods used by the Dentist Modesto:
• Deep bleaching
The deep bleaching teeth whitening procedure uses a combination of both in-office and at-home processes to restore brighter teeth. In this teeth-whitening treatment, the in-office procedure uses hydrogen peroxide gel as a whitening solution. There is also the use of trays that are customized to fit individual teeth. This deep bleaching is done for people who are dealing with more stubborn stains or those caused by more severe conditions.
• Laser whitening
Laser teeth whitening treatment is the fastest and also is very expensive. Here, a bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, and then a laser is used which activates the bleaching agent on each tooth for 30 seconds. This process allows for a complete teeth whitening procedure in 30 minutes.
• Hydrogen peroxide gel teeth whitening treatment
In this teeth whitening treatment, a gel containing a 15% or 25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide acts as the bleaching agent. This procedure starts with placing of retractor inside the mouth to fully expose the teeth. Your dentist will apply a hardening resin on the gums to prevent irritation from the hydrogen peroxide gel. After this, the whitening gel is applied which is activated by a low heat, ultraviolet blue light. After the wait of twenty minutes, the bleaching gel is removed, whitening treatment checked, and then reapplied; this process is repeated twice more before the removal of the retractor, and then this treatment is complete.
For more information on teeth whitening processes, you can consult an experienced and certified Cosmetic dentist in Modesto CA.