Invisalign and metal braces, both have their own benefits. In the past, the uses of metal braces are maximum. Invisalign are made of medical-grade plastic which is a BPA free whereas metal braces are made of stainless steel or titanium alloys. These metallic braces consist of 3 components: metallic brackets, metallic archwires, and orthodontic ligatures.

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Metallic brackets are the appliances that can stick to the teeth and these also can become invisible when you smile. Metallic archwires are basically metallic wires. Mostly, NI-TI alloys (nickel-titanium) are used more than stainless steel. In last, orthodontic ligatures, basically are rubber bands that are used to holding archwires. These come in various colors and you can choose as you want.

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Invisalign are different as compared to metallic braces and also considered better because of the safety issue. While you play, you can be more confident because of any contact, you are not going to face any injury. While metallic braces can injure you. Moreover, this also makes your smile more beautiful & attractive.

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