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There are several different techniques of dental implants which include both traditional and alternative implant techniques. By taking the help of professionals like Implant Dentist Modesto, you can do your dental implantation, but first, you need to know about the main implant techniques:

Endosteal dental implants technique
This technique is the most commonly used Implant dentist in Modesto and also these traditional implants are done in the bone. The endosteal implants also are considered for most of the patients. But, for this implant, your jawbone should be healthy for the post to fuse to. After the completion of the process, the false teeth can be placed onto the post.

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Subperiosteal implants
This is another type of dental implant in which implants rest on top of the bone but still stay under the gum. In this technique, a metal frame with a post is placed under the gum and the false tooth is secured to the poles that come from the gum. Remember that, this procedure is only used for the patient who doesn’t have enough jawbone for an implant or if the person just doesn’t want to face intensive oral surgery to add bone to that particular area.

Zygomatic implants
These implants are the least common and also include the most complicated procedure. This is only done if you don’t have enough jawbone and the main thing about this technique is that the implant is placed in the patient’s cheekbone rather than the jawbone.

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In an emergency, contact “Emergency Dentist Modesto” professionals and get treatment as soon as possible to avoid any severe dental issues.