Tooth-colored fillings are different from simple fillings. Here, you use them to relate with your tooth color. This filling is basically made of composite resins and mostly used for small or moderate-sized restorations. These are considered durable and also fracture-resistant.
Benefits of tooth-colored fillings
• These filings are less sensitive as compare to silver fillings
• Also less discomfort
• No health problems are associated with them
• Tooth-colored fillings are also considered long-lasting as they can last for 10 years
• Mercury-free fillings

Some disadvantages
• More expensive as compared to silver fillings. Dental insurance is considered a good choice for this high cost
• Still not commonly used as many dentists still use the silver fillings
• Don’t respond to teeth whitening treatment products
• They are not as strong as back teeth
• Products like Tea, Tobacco, coffee can also stain these fillings

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Why tooth-colored fillings are considered safe?
These filings are considered very safe and durable. As compare to the silver amalgam which contains mercury, tooth-colored fillings are safer. Mercury can cause an allergic reaction to the individual. Even, there is no chance of crack in this type of filling as are more durable restorations but the crack issues can arise in silver amalgam fillings.

People use all types of fillings like tooth colored fillings, gold fillings, ceramic or porcelain fillings and also amalgam silver fillings. It depends on you what type of fillings you want to use. All fillings have their own pros and cons. Nowadays, tooth Colored fillings are regarded most by people. You need to come to the dentist every 6 months. Brushing and flossing are the two dental hygienic things you should do twice a day. For getting your desirable Tooth-colored fillings in Modesto, Contact ProSmile Family Dental. Here, all dental services are done in your budget.