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People used to worry about being seen with dental fillings but because of the advancement in dental technology, now people can use tooth-colored fillings which are beautiful and long-lasting. Tooth-colored fillings Modesto are in trend and most people prefer them. Before you go for these fillings; get to know some benefits:


In the past, some patients have started to find problems in silver and amalgam fillings because of the presence of a small amount of mercury. In tooth-colored filling, you will not face any mercury-related issue and hence these filings attract most people.

Look good

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This is the main reason why these fillings are popular. Composite and porcelain fillings make your teeth look beautiful and also make you more confident while interacting with others.

Take less time

Dentists place tooth-colored filling after numb the gums and teeth with the help of local anesthesia. This treatment Is very quick as compared to other dental fillings.


If you take care of your tooth-colored fillings then these can last for 10 years or more. After fillings, be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and also floss daily to make your fillings more durable. You should also take a dental exam every six months.

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tooth colored filling

Family dentist Modesto CA professionals help in getting affordable and beautiful tooth-colored fillings and also assist in any kind of dental problem.