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Root canal treatment is done to remove the infected pulp of a tooth. This dental pulp is a soft substance that consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. The root canal is a very simple technique also painless. In a root canal treatment process, first, the dentist removes infected pulp and then filler material is used to fill the pulp chamber and in last, a crown is placed on that particular tooth.

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The procedure of root canal on the front tooth
A root canal on the front tooth is considered easier & less painful because of less pulp present in the thinner front tooth. Recovery time is also very short in case of front teeth, it can take a few days or a maximum a week.
The Root canal treatment Modesto procedure is started with taking an x-ray of an infected tooth and then numb the particular area with the help of local anesthesia. The dentist uses the barrier to protect the gums and surrounding teeth. A dental drill is used to get into the enamel of the tooth and then a damaged pulp is taken out.

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Root Canal is done on the front tooth.

The endodontist then dries all the empty space then this part is filled with latex-based polymer filler. In last, the hole is covered to protect the tooth from infections. When your root canal is healed, the dentist can drill down to extra outer enamel to fix a permanent crown on top of it.

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