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Teeth whitening treatment Modesto can help make your teeth white and more attractive with the help of professional processes. Professional teeth whitening can give you a considerably whiter smile. There are many home-made tricks that make your teeth white, but some people trust more on dentists and are ready to invest high on teeth whitening processes. If you want pearly white teeth, then you can go for mainly two processes such as bleaching and laser whitening.

Pros of bleaching

  • Because of using the bleaching trays, the paste precisely applies to the teeth enamel.
  • You can use this bleaching while sleep which saves your time.
  • Bleaching trays are thin and non-invasive, which makes them very comfortable to wear.
  • It is very cheap than laser-whitening.

Cons of bleaching

  • This process requires more applications as compared to the laser teeth whitening process.
  • Some people don’t like to wear bleaching trays and also have no patience to waits for weeks to see results.

Pros of laser whitening

  • It can be completed in two to four treatments.
  • Rapid teeth whitening session; takes only 15 to 60 minutes.

Cons of laser whitening

  • Sensitivity is a major issue.
  • Maybe it is very hectic for some people to go for each treatment to the dentist.