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Veneers are made of a thin layer of porcelain that can stick on the surface of a tooth. We can use this for whitening or shape purposes. If people are suffering from color issues of teeth or have crooked tooth then this technique suits them. Look below some advantages of Veneers:

  1. This provides you with a natural look.
  2. Gum tissues easily adjust with porcelain well.
  3. You also can use them to make dark teeth into white teeth.
  4. Porcelain Veneers are easy to maintain.
  5. The process is very less invasive. A dentist needs only a small amount of your front surface teeth for creating a room for veneers.
  6. These are also can be used for long years; likely, more than 10 years.
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ProSmile Family dental provides veneer treatment in Modesto CA

All these advantages are the main reasons that Veneer treatment is available for everyone and people also take advantage of this service. Before you go for a Veneer treatment in Modesto, you need to know; how they are installed.

There is a systematic process of installing a Veneer into your teeth; explained below

  • Preliminary: Here, the X-ray of your teeth will be taken.
  • Preparation: Dentists cut a small amount of your enamel; nearly half a millimeter. Then, the dentist takes that part into the laboratory to make matching veneers.
  • Placement: Dentist put fit-sized Veneer into your teeth. They also rough the tooth surface to improve the gluing of the Veneer. After the attachment, ultraviolet light is applied to Veneer to harden it quickly.
  • Preservation: In the last, this step is necessary to check that Veneers fixings are properly placed or not.
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Veneer is the best treatment for whitening your teeth

Family dentist Modesto CA experts help you in this Veneer installation process.  You don’t need to take worry as Veneer treatment is less invasive and has no side effects.