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Family dentist Modesto CA professionals can help you in the tooth extraction process. In the case of tooth-decay, many people prefer tooth extraction. With the help of local anesthetic, the dentist extracts the decayed tooth. Extraction is useful when tooth damage is severed.

Types & procedure of tooth extraction

Simple Extraction: This extraction is done when the damaged tooth is visible in the mouth. The dentist uses local anesthesia which numb that particular area. He will use an elevator to loosen your tooth and then remove it by forceps.

Surgical extraction: Here, most dentists use intravenous anesthesia and after that, you will be calm and relaxed. Depending on your medical condition, the doctor can also use the local or general anesthesia. In the case of the latter one, you will remain unconscious while tooth extraction procedure.

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Surgical extraction

In the surgical extraction, an oral surgeon will make a cut into your gums by a small incision. Later, the dentist will remove bone around your damaged tooth and will cut that particular tooth before it can be extracted.

There are also some risks which come with an extraction process:

• Bleeding that can last, even longer than 12 hours
• You also can face nausea or vomiting
• The situation of chest pain or shortness of breath
• Redness or swelling can happen at the surgical area

If you face these symptoms then it is advisable to contact dental care professionals near you.

•	Redness or swelling can happen at the surgical area

Lists of tooth extraction aftercare:

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• Take the medication prescribed by the dentist. Any lapse in your treatment can worsen the situation.
• You should rinse your mouth with salted water.
• Don’t smoke
• For some days, try to eat soft foods
• Avoid the use of straws and limit your moth movement.
• You also need to stop vigorous exercises as high blood pressure and increasing rate of pulses can reopen wounds and bleeding can happen

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